Gullak: Transparent Donation & Sustainability Platform

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A transparent and reliable platform where donors could donate and utilization of every single donated penny along with the impact created.


Fully Transparent

Blockchain Traceable Donations where utilization of every single penny is visible with official proofs

Fraud Free Campaigns

AI Techniques powered track record screening before on-boarding any donation program and ideator


Get personalized recommendation list of donation programs based on your interest area resulting into better reachability of the charity organizations

What we offer?

To support a social cause idea of your interest and help the recipient to capitalize


Provide skill training & mentoring through our IMPARTERS


Provide collaboration opportunities with NGOs or the required intermediaries


Sell socially impactful products made by our blind, tribal or needy friends & earn them LIVELIHOOD

For Donors
Step 1

Register and select the donation program to donate according to your concern

Step 2

Confirm the amount of donation and pay via secured and trusted Payment Gateway

Step 3

Keep track of the utilization and provide ratings on how your donation was utilized

For Recipient Individual/Organization
Step 1

Register and get verified through our process of on boarding to gain trust of the donors

Step 2

Create donation program along with the details and receive donations from varied donors

Step 3

Utilize the donation via secure and trusted payment gateway which would be updated to the donors