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We build products and solutions which create social impact by leveraging virtues of the technology.

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TechPose - Technology for Purpose is based out of Pune, India and incubated at DERBI Foundation, Bengaluru. We started our journey by applying technology wisely to help solve social challenges. We develop profit based products and solutions which serve globally.

We aim to make technology applicable for resolving societal issues and not just for hype!

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Technology for Good

Technology nowadays is being used to hype or is being misused. We believe in using technology for good and it must be applied responsibly.

Impacting Lives

Using several types of information technology, helping businesses communicate and enable companies to increase flexibility and saturate the economic market with their message.

Design Thinking

We don’t want to take the product to market but rather bring the market to the product by better understanding & analyzing challenges of the user first. Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test is our process.

Vocal for Local

Ensuring self-sufficiency to address demand locally, we aim to build a strong local network for communities through easy-to-implement technology ideas


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Blockchain Donation



LetshareIndia Foundation

Platform to donate home goods, share food or volunteer. It spots the most needful & genuine recipient using AI Alogorithms.

Vedic Education Platform

Online learning platform for parents and children to help inculcate learning process using ancient vedic methodologies.

Smart Assistance

Mobile app to smartly allocate assistant to newbies in any area. This will help visitors & also provide employment to many by being guide.



Artificial Intelligence




I was planning to start my NGO and was looking for a company which can provide technical solutions to LetshareIndia foundation create social impact and Techpose more than delivered. Their solution perfectly manages our blog generation, website and the product. Techpose helped us in building a product that could identify worthy recipient of the donation through AI. I saw an immediate response and timely delivering of the work output in a professional manner. They took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us amazing solutions to choose from. I wholeheartedly recommend Techpose to everyone we know.

Poonam Kashyap

LetshareIndia Foundation

We are running alternative education solutions like a full time Gurukula and a website to help train parents to teach their children values at home and in a small neighbourhood group. Sushmita and her team helped make a wonderful application for us to be able to reach out to such parents. They provided the complete technical solutions for an educational application to help us in this social impact for our venture of RASAS- an online training forum to guide parents to train their children at home. We are very grateful to Sushmita and her team for always helping and supporting us, for being our back end technical help for the online training application

Ruchi Bajaj

RASAS e-School

I had a vision to provide assistance not only for the blind but also for city newbies. Assistance in the form of trust, information and support after coming to new place. To realise this motto, TechPose is playing a prompt role by providing a technology based yet user friendly solution where newbie could connect to the residents of the city and assist. TechPose not only studied the depth of the concern but is also providing an efficient, navigation based social networking platform enabled with AI. Extremely delighted that we got associated with Techpose, a team which understood our vision for the product and helped us achieve it efficiently.

Kalyani Rajput

Smart Assistance



Sushmita Kaneri

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kalindi Kaneri

Co-Founder & PR Director

Maj. Poonam Kashyap (retd)

Chief Operating Officer

Our Developers

Rahul Mishra

Technical Buddy

Sheshank Sharma

Technical Buddy

Nandini Jain

Technical Buddy

Rohit Shaw

Technical Buddy

Niket Doke

Technical Buddy

Gaurav Verma

Full Stack Developer

Rida Mumtaz

Full Stack Developer

Sanket Shinde

Full Stack Developer

Our Content & Marketing Team

Samjita Biswas

Content Writer

Pratyusha Bhattacharjee

Video Editor

Nikita Sonar

Marketing Guide

Aparna Kulkarni

Content Curation Guide

Our Legal Team

Aditya Jain

Legal Intern

Harshita Ranjan

Legal Intern

Sachin Kumar

Legal Intern

Advisory Board

Dr. Dewakar Goel

PR & Regulations
Director of HR, Ministry of Civil Aviation, GoI

Krithika Ram

Business & Operations
COO, Feminist Approach to Technology

Kedar Tokekar

Morgan Stanley, Persistent

Rohaan Goswami

Sustainability & Innovation
COO, Product Head at Ycenter Global


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the name TechPose?

    TechPose is an abbreviation of Technology for Purpose to create social impact.

  • TechPose is an Indian originated startup headquartered in Pune, City of Maharashtra State and has an office in Bengaluru, City of Karnataka State.

  • Founder being a Software Engineer has been into Social work for 7+ years. She being a technology enthusiast and passionate about society found a gap between technology and society. With a vision to bridge this gap by building meaningful and responsible products/solutions, TechPose was started.

  • TechPose provides solutions to the organizations building social impactful projects. It provides end-to-end or architectural or deployment solutions in the Social Enterprise Industry.

  • You can mail us at or check the Contact section

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